Finally arrived! – Our new headquarters

The goal has been reached! - Since the beginning of May, all our colleagues have been based at the new company headquarters in Brandgehaege 16 in Wolfsburg. We planned, built, hauled and shifted for over a month. Now we are proud of our very impressive achievement! ES-Tec GmbH and our subsidiaries GE-T and Cubos have now been relocated to the premises of the building, which was only erected in 2015, and are now finally in possession of their own workshops and additional workplaces for new and motivated employees.

Another highlight of the new company headquarters is on the ground floor. From now on, both our colleagues and our guests will benefit from the advantages of having their own cafeteria. Comfortable and modern seating invites you to stay and relax, and the nearby coffee machine offers a large selection of hot drinks for every taste. During the breaks there is also the opportunity to forget the work stress and have fun at our brand-new foosball table.

In order to signal the completed move to the new company headquarters and also the beginning of a new development phase of ES-Tec, GE-T and Cubos, our managing director Marc Wille naturally did not miss the opportunity to welcome all colleagues to their new workplace. To celebrate the day and also as a thank you for the joint commitment that made the move possible, he served everyone present a huge portion of grilled sausages with tasty salads. We then sat on our new patio in the bright sunshine and in a good mood, looking forward together to a new and exciting time.