New old location

Mathias Kretschmann
New old location

The ES-Tec group of companies continues to grow. The premises in Hopfengarten in Fallersleben, where part of ES-Tec was previously at home, had long been too cramped. Since the beginning of December, the largest team – that for driver assistance systems – has now been spatially reunited and has moved into the Lehmkuhlenfeld 1 building in the Heinenkamp industrial estate.

"We have been subletting the property since 2018. Now it has become available at short notice, unscheduled - just at the right time to set up our Driver Assistance Systems Competence Centre there," explains Managing Director Marc Wille. "The topic of driver assistance systems is our most personnel-intensive field, the range of tasks and thus the team are growing continuously. It is therefore advantageous to bundle all competences at one location. And if it's also perfectly located in the test field for autonomous driving – so much the better."

The newly created FORUM Driver Assistance, with around 1,000 square metres of Secure Partner space and 250 square metres of prototype hall, accommodates a total of around 70 heads of the ES-Tec team, with room for another 30. The two teams are led by authorised signatory Christian Rautmann and his two team leaders Jörg Urban and Andreas Stief. The major focus areas are the radar, camera and parking sensor components.