Sustainability is more than a word

Mathias Kretschmann
Sustainability is more than a word

The ES-Tec group of companies attaches great importance to keeping its ecological footprint as small as possible. A considerable photovoltaic system with 100 kW peak is installed on the roof of the company headquarters in Heinenkamp, numerous charging points for e-vehicles can be found around the building, and there is a large container in the courtyard that houses a battery storage system developed in-house with a gross capacity of 100 kilowatt hours. These are just a few, albeit very notable, points with which energy efficiency is being advanced in everyday work. As part of the green deal towards a green zero, company boss Marc Wille procured around 10,000 oak seedlings in the spring.

Corona then threw a spanner in the works of the large-scale planting campaign. “The trees could not be planted by the whole team in a joint action as planned. Unfortunately, we had to leave that to the forester. But at least we now have our own little forest, so to speak,” says Marc Wille happily. “For us, sustainability is not just a word, but a constant incentive in everyday life. Simply saving resources was yesterday, for me it's about changing awareness. New technologies, systems, facilities have to be designed to be green from the start, not made green afterwards.”

The ecological “green” is only one aspect of this. ES-Tec also demonstrates sustainable corporate governance through its healthy equity financing, its in-house physiotherapist, the ES-Tec Academy and other excellence programmes, as well as its fundamental attitude of combining work and private interests.